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Cryostat, Cryogenics and Purification CDR

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30 Mar 2009, 17:01
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11 Jun 2009, 23:39
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11 Jun 2009, 23:34
This entry is intended to contain all documents related to writing the C/C&P sections of the CDR. Since this document will be having frequent additions, please keep the Notes and Changes section current.
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Notes and Changes:
v1 = cryoparameter list v1
v2 = cryoparameter list v2
v3 = cryoparameter list v3 and R. Schmitt outline for CD-1/CDR
v4 = v3 and parameter list has columns for status, status updated date, and reference
v5 = list v5 added surface area and electronics heat load
v6 added insulation write up ..
v7 incorporated CET's list of Cryostat Parameters
v8 name changes to sheets in Cryo Parameters
v9 include draft chapter of CDR
v10 new version of insulation write-up
v11 assimilate new information from v10 into draft CDR chapter, make the draft chapter the only 'Main' document
v13 get length of end-caps correct
v14 add draft after accounting for comments from Randy and fixes by Stephen and Brian
v15 updated draft accounting for Rich's comments
v16 remove references to specific vendors.
v17 comments from Jack
v18 incorporate comments from Jack and Dave
v19 minor comments from Stephen
v20 add 2 parameters to cryoparameters list
v21 fixed error in area in parameters and added parameters in table form (as in design parameter book)
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