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MicroBooNE detector position in BNB neutrino beam after installation

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23 Jul 2014, 11:03
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23 Jul 2014, 11:03
The file Detector Postition gives the location of the cryostat and the TPC inside with respect to the line defined as the BNB centerline. These measurements are made just after the cryostat was moved into LArTF and does not hold any cryogens.

The BNB neutrino centerline is defined here as the best fit line through the Decay Pipe center. The points used are the as found points measured during Booster Target Hall construction, for QC, at following locations: MI-12 dnst wall, 25 m Absorber upst and dnst, and 50 m Absorber upst.

The Top of Platform file holds results from a check of the elevation of the Platform, by way of the tops of the support brackets on which it sits. The Platform elevation is EXACTLY at the design elevation.

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Added file of Platform elevation measurements
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