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Comparison of GENIE event generator with Garino (ep quasi-elastic) data

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Xin Qian
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Xin Qian
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22 Mar 2014, 13:05
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21 Apr 2014, 13:47
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21 Apr 2014, 13:47
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18 Apr 2014, 23:50
24 Mar 2014, 20:31
We did a comparison of results from GENIE event generator with Garno ep quasi-elastic scattering data.

The separation energy is found to be off, which needs further investigation.

The ratio of double differential cross section (electron + proton) and single differential cross section (electron) of GENIE are compared with Garino data.

The ratio of Xs of GENIE without FSI agrees better with Garino data.
The double differential Xs with respect to Em show large disagreement with "GENIE without FSI".

Part of the problem lies on FSI
Part of the problem lies on the initial state.

Some general discrepancies are seen. They could due to
1. SRC in the initial state
2. FSI between recoil proton and medium

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GENIE quasi-elastic
Notes and Changes:
fixed a bug in the code to select the most energetic proton.

It lead to large changes in the case of GENIE without FSI.

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held on 21 Apr 2014 in ConFESSional (WH5E)
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