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Studying Neutral Current Elastic Scattering and the Strange Axial Form Factor in MicroBooNE

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Lu Ren
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Lu Ren
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22 Oct 2020, 17:16
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30 Oct 2020, 12:11
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22 Apr 2021, 16:00
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Neutrino neutral-current elastic scattering is sensitive to the axial form factor of the proton and affords a unique method to access the strangeness contribution to the axial form factor GsA(Q2) and to the proton spin $\delta$s. The MicroBooNE experiment is an 85-ton active mass liquid argon time projection chamber located at the Fermilab Booster Neutrino Beamline. MicroBooNE is able to detect protons with kinetic energy as low as 50 MeV. We present an inclusive differential cross section measurement of a signal with one proton and no other particles (NC1p) in the final state. We report the progress toward the measurement of exclusive neutral-current elastic scattering cross section and $\delta$s extraction using a subset of MicroBooNE's data.
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This was a talk given at the APS DNP 2020 conference
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held on 27 Oct 2020 in https://fnal.zoom.us/j/619014450?pwd=Uk1mYkZyWE9IeFJmdm81WE15dEs
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