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MicroBooNE TPC Crate Tests (by M. Phipps)

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08 Aug 2013, 09:21
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In order to commission the TPC readout equipment, exhaustive tests were run on each individual board, each fully loaded backplane and all final crate configurations. Readout tests were performed through both controllers and XMITs, and, in the case of the XMITs, both neutrino and supernova streams. All problems encountered during the course of testing were fixed and further tests were conducted before final commissioning of each crate. As of August 7, eight out of nine TPC crates are fully commissioned. Four of the eight have been sealed and shipped for installation at PBC. The other four will be shipped shortly. The final crate is being witheld temporarily for diagnostic tests on the DMA timeout errors.
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This is a ROUGH DRAFT of the writeup describing the tests done on the assembled TPC crates at Nevis before shipping to FNAL. The author of this writeup is M. Phipps, a summer student at Nevis, summer 2013.
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