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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
20209-v1 TrajCluster XXX Bruce Baller Reconstruction
04 Jan 2019
19585-v1 TrajCluster XXIX - Low Energy Electrons Bruce Baller Reconstruction
28 Nov 2018
19570-v1 TrajCluster XXVIII - Forecasting & Strategies Bruce Baller Reconstruction
28 Nov 2018
19180-v1 TrajCluster XXVII - Core Algorithm Tweaks & Vtx Reco Bruce Baller Reconstruction
29 Oct 2018
12290-v1 Overview of Timing in MicroBooNE Herbert Greenlee Reconstruction
LAr Software
19 Feb 2018
5732-v3 TrajCluster User Guide Bruce Baller Reconstruction
04 Mar 2017
4736-v3 Sterile Neutrinos in Cold Climates -- Thesis by Ben Jones Benjamin J.P. Jones Reconstruction
PM Detector - WBS 1.8
High Voltage in LAr
27 Aug 2015
3445-v1 2D Clustering Efficiency/Purity for Shower Events David Kaleko Reconstruction
Oscillations WG Meeting
12 May 2014
4548-v1 2D Michel Reconstruction Victor Genty et al. Reconstruction
17 Jul 2015
4533-v1 Shower Reconstruction Corey Adams Reconstruction
14 Jul 2015
4494-v1 Introduction to Wire-Cell 3D Reconstruction and Visualization Chao Zhang Reconstruction
30 Jun 2015
3718-v2 TrackLineFitAlg Bruce Baller Tracking
15 Jun 2015
4032-v2 Recon Validation Group Wrap-up (part I) Tracy L. Usher Reconstruction
09 Jan 2015
4004-v1 Reco Report and IIT Wes Ketchum Reconstruction
19 Dec 2014
3989-v1 Reco MCC6 Plans Tracy L. Usher Reconstruction
17 Dec 2014
3979-v1 LArTPC GPU Discussion Points Wes Ketchum Reconstruction
16 Dec 2014
3804-v2 Analysis Tools 9-Oct-2014 Collab Mtg Eric D Church et al. Reconstruction
Collaboration Meeting
09 Oct 2014
3770-v1 Update on pi0 from mini retreat Ariana Hackenburg Analysis Tools WG Meeting
02 Oct 2014
3600-v1 TrackStitching update Eric D Church Tracking
17 Jul 2014
2831-v3 Cluster Crawler Manual Bruce Baller Reconstruction
22 Apr 2014
3279-v2 Track/Shower Separation Corey Adams Reconstruction
13 Mar 2014
3153-v1 Optical Reco + Cosmic Rejection Update Benjamin J.P. Jones Reconstruction
PM Detector - WBS 1.8
30 Jan 2014
3000-v2 BezierTracker v4 Benjamin J.P. Jones Reconstruction
14 Nov 2013
2973-v3 Particle identification using graphical models Kevin Yarritu Analysis Tools WG Meeting
Particle ID
31 Oct 2013
2871-v3 track stitching with cosmic tracking Eric D Church Tracking
26 Sep 2013
2738-v2 Report from Simulation Group Kazuhiro Terao Light
PM Readout
08 Aug 2013
2608-v1 Tracking -- Non-meeting, 19-June-2013 Eric D Church Reconstruction
19 Jun 2013
1795-v1 Kalman Fi(l,t)ter Update Eric D Church Tracking
09 Dec 2011
732-v1 Computer Vision Methods for Centerline Extraction C Anderson Collaboration Meeting
10 Dec 2009
604-v1 Reconstruction Code M Soderberg Reconstruction
Analysis Tools WG Meeting
15 Oct 2009
579-v1 FFT Hit Progress Brian Page Tracking
29 Sep 2009
476-v1 Reconstruction Objects & Flow Bruce Baller Reconstruction
22 Jun 2009
474-v1 Lorentz Angle of Electrons Drifting in Liquid Argon in a Magnetic Field Kirk McDonald Tracking
20 Jun 2009
419-v2 Start of 3D tracking in Larsoft Brian Page Tracking
12 May 2009
337-v2 Tracking Update Brian Page Tracking
17 Mar 2009
329-v1 Deconvoluting Bo Data Bruce Baller Reconstruction
Analysis Tools WG Meeting
03 Mar 2009
303-v1 Start of Track Code Brian Page About LAr Program
03 Feb 2009
179-v1 uBAT Working Group Report Brian Rebel Reconstruction
Analysis Tools WG Meeting
24 Oct 2008

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