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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3951-v4 Transition to Operations Bruce Baller Commissioning
02 Oct 2018
15878-v2 MicroBooNE Commissioning Summary Sam Zeller Commissioning
27 Aug 2018
4785-v2 The Status of the MicroBooNE Experiment Matt Toups Commissioning
01 May 2017
4319-v5 Cryogenic Operations of MicroBooNE Michael Geynisman Cryo Monitoring & Controls
07 Dec 2016
4743-v3 MicroBooNE Light Collection System (Talk for LIDINE 2015) Taritree Wongjirad About MicroBooNE
PM Detector - WBS 1.8
05 Sep 2015
4668-v1 Electronics Response from Recent Pulser Runs Brian Kirby Calibration
13 Aug 2015
3219-v2 Commercial Capacitor Options Jonathan Asaadi et al. Commissioning
25 Feb 2014
4586-v3 Michel Electrons Studies in MicroBooNE Kathryn Sutton Collaboration Meeting
29 Jul 2015
4595-v1 VENu (MicroBooNE VR Platform) Alistair McLean uB Collaboration
Collaboration Meeting
29 Jul 2015
4581-v1 Michel Electrons Studies in MicroBooNE Victor Genty et al. Commissioning
28 Jul 2015
4453-v1 Muon Counter system: Eppur si muove Linda F. Bagby et al. Commissioning
12 Jun 2015
4308-v1 uBoone Cryostat and Cryogenic System Mike Zuckerbrot Cryogenics - WBS 1.2
Cryostat - WBS 1.3
15 Apr 2015
4113-v2 BNB Horn Change Thomas R Kobilarcik Beam
Collaboration Meeting
19 Feb 2015
3960-v1 EN_uBoone_logic_V2.0 Daniel J Markley et al. Other LAr Systems
10 Dec 2014
3658-v1 Ongoing Attenuation Measurements in Tallbo Jarrett Moon Commissioning
05 Aug 2014
3648-v1 Ongoing Attenuation Measurements in Tallbo Jarrett Moon et al. Commissioning
29 Jul 2014
3593-v2 TallBo Attenuation Length Calibration Measurements Alexander Moss Commissioning
15 Jul 2014
3529-v2 Technical Note for the HV PMT 'Warm' Cable Tests Eric Henderson et al. Commissioning
11 Jun 2014
3525-v1 HV Warm Cable Testing for PMTs Eric Henderson Commissioning
06 Jun 2014
3258-v2 Control Room status Anne Schukraft et al. Commissioning
06 Mar 2014

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