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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
8001-v1 Neutrino interactions with EM activity : event displays David Caratelli Approved Plots
13 Nov 2017
4658-v1 MicroBooNE First Images Corey Adams et al. Approved Plots
08 Sep 2015
3510-v1 "Electron Neutrino Appearance with the Ferimlab Short Baseline Program" poster plots Corey Adams Obsolete Plots
01 Jun 2015
3461-v2 calibration pulse for poster David Caratelli Approved Plots
29 May 2015
4269-v3 Public Plots from the SBN Physics Proposal MicroBooNE Collaboration Physics
Approved Plots
22 Apr 2015
3483-v2 Plots Approval Talk Corey Adams Plots under Review
29 May 2014
3472-v1 Electron Neutrino Appearance with the Fermilab Short Baseline Program Corey Adams Posters
Plots under Review
Other LAr Exp
About MicroBooNE
27 May 2014

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