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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4196-v3 SN Event Generator and Compression Connor Callahan Physics
Cosmics WG Meeting
R&D WG Meeting
13 Mar 2015
3880-v1 Nucleon Decay Elena Gramellini R&D WG Meeting
07 Nov 2014
3838-v1 Consequences of Positive Ion Distortions Randy Johnson R&D WG Meeting
24 Oct 2014
3453-v3 Cosmogenics from lbne -- follow-up Eric D Church R&D WG Meeting
16 May 2014
3413-v1 Some Cosmic and HV Stuff Sarah Lockwitz R&D WG Meeting
High Voltage in LAr
25 Apr 2014
3077-v1 Muon angular distributions with mega-mini Leonidas Kalousis Cosmics WG Meeting
R&D WG Meeting
13 Dec 2013
2615-v1 Cold electronics in Bern Igor Kreslo et al. R&D WG Meeting
Electronics & Readout - WBS 1.5
21 Jun 2013
2389-v2 Matt Wetstein - LAPPD detector Andrzej Szelc R&D WG Meeting
22 Feb 2013

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