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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4883-v6 Stuff on Radon (including counting reports, decay chain, alpha light yield) Other Other et al. Radon
14 Oct 2020
4319-v5 Cryogenic Operations of MicroBooNE Michael Geynisman Cryo Monitoring & Controls
07 Dec 2016
6671-v1 Purge, cool down and filling of MicroBooNE cryostat Mike Zuckerbrot Circulation & Filling
02 Nov 2016
3846-v1 MicroBooNE Argon Purge Simulation Erik A. Voirin Purification
09 Nov 2015
2415-v1 Cryogenics update Ben Carls et al. Cryogenics - WBS 1.2
20 Aug 2015
4308-v1 uBoone Cryostat and Cryogenic System Mike Zuckerbrot Cryogenics - WBS 1.2
Cryostat - WBS 1.3
15 Apr 2015
4190-v1 Tests for the re-use of a 2 3/4" conflat seal Mark Ruschman Cryogenics - WBS 1.2
12 Mar 2015
3960-v1 EN_uBoone_logic_V2.0 Daniel J Markley et al. Other LAr Systems
10 Dec 2014
3103-v1 Final Vessel Closure Jim Kilmer Cryogenics - WBS 1.2
Collaboration Meeting
08 Jan 2014
2968-v1 Microboone Phase 1 instruments checklist Michael Sarychev Cryo Monitoring & Controls
30 Oct 2013
2967-v1 MicroBoone (LArTF) ODH monitoring system test Daniel J Markley Cryo Monitoring & Controls
30 Oct 2013
2938-v1 MicroBoone Process Control System Logic Phase 1 V1.1 Bill Noe Cryo Monitoring & Controls
15 Oct 2013
2919-v1 MicroBoone Phase 1 Control System, Instrumentation, and Field Equipment Daniel J Markley Cryo Monitoring & Controls
07 Oct 2013
1734-v1 Purity Monitor Electronics Flavio Cavanna Purity Monitors
21 May 2013
2129-v1 EQUIPMENT & ENCLOSURE SCREEN SHOTS Justin L Tillman Vessel
Other LAr Systems
Installation at LArTF
About MicroBooNE
Circulation & Filling
Presentations to Others
Purification Filters
Cryogenics - WBS 1.2
Building Layout
Racks & Cabling
Purity Monitors
03 Oct 2012
1776-v1 Buoyancy Assisted Gas Purging and its Implementation on the Argon Purge of the MicroBooNE Cryostat Erik A. Voirin Purification
02 Dec 2011
1768-v1 Mass Transport of Water in Teflon; a Transient Numerical Analysis Erik A. Voirin Purification
23 Nov 2011
1737-v1 CFD Models of Ullage Space: Temperature and Velocity Profiles. Erik A. Voirin Other LAr Systems
09 Nov 2011
1744-v1 Estimation of Max. Temperature for Ar Gas Exiting Ullage Space in Micro-Boone KC Wu Other LAr Systems
Detector Assembly Fixtures - WBS 1.10
02 Nov 2011
15-v5 Argon Temperature and Velocity Profiles 13 watt/meter heat load BT Fleming Vessel
Cryo System Calculations
Circulation & Filling
22 Sep 2011
1695-v1 Perforated 1" Tube Specification and CFD Diffusion Analysis Erik A. Voirin Purification
16 Aug 2011
1421-v1 MicroBooNE Heat Exchanger Specification Glenn Morgan Circulation & Filling
30 Mar 2011
950-v1 PrM Installation Note Stephen Pordes I & I Planning Meeting
Purity Monitors
21 Jun 2010
216-v1 Wire Motion Calculations R Schmitt Cryo System Calculations
TPC Wires
01 Feb 2010
636-v1 Vessel Heat Load Calculations Glenn Morgan Vessel
Vessel Insulation
Cryo System Calculations
04 Nov 2009
374-v21 Cryostat, Cryogenics and Purification CDR Larry Bartoszek et al. Vessel
Internal Reviews
TDR, CDR, Design Param
11 Jun 2009
191-v1 Copper Clad Wire Thermal Contraction Stress and Shock Test Mark Ruschman et al. Cryo System Calculations
TPC Wires
11 Nov 2008
387-v1 Spray-On Insulation Calculations Hans Jostlein Vessel Insulation
Cryo System Calculations
11 Apr 2009
353-v1 Cryo Report at 3/20/09 meeting Stephen Pordes Cryogenics - WBS 1.2
Collaboration Meeting
20 Mar 2009
190-v1 Condenser Issue Stephen Pordes Circulation & Filling
Cryogenics Design Meeting
10 Nov 2008
10-v1 Purification Scaling Stephen Pordes Purification
09 May 2008
18-v1 Foam-glass Insulation Calculations J Sondericker Vessel Insulation
Cryo System Calculations
13 Jul 2008

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