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These documents on Monitoring Software, Hardware, Organization (subtopic of DAQ & Monitoring - WBS 1.9) are available:
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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6754-v2 Dave Huffman MicroBooNE infrastructure web page archive Dave Huffman Monitoring Systems
Infrastructure Integration
Electronics & Readout - WBS 1.5
29 Nov 2016
4488-v1 two monitoring options for the MicroBooNE HV system Hans Jostlein et al. Monitoring Systems
HV & FT References
Weekly Status Meeting
uB HV FT Design & Fabrication
High Voltage in LAr
17 Jul 2015
4456-v1 New color scheme for alarm panel Glenn Horton-Smith Monitoring Systems
15 Jun 2015
4348-v1 First test of a commercial pulse current transformer Hans Jostlein Monitoring Systems
HV in LAr Studies & Models
uB HV FT Design & Fabrication
01 May 2015
4346-v1 uboone Online Monitor status update Donatella Torretta Monitoring Systems
01 May 2015
4013-v1 New response curves for impedance monitor Glenn Horton-Smith et al. Monitoring Systems
Installation at LArTF
Infrastructure Integration
Ground & Shield
01 Jan 2015
3767-v1 Summary of some recent decisions about slow monitor/control Glenn Horton-Smith Monitoring Systems
01 Oct 2014
3033-v1 Slow monitoring and control update (November 2013) Glenn Horton-Smith Monitoring Systems
Collaboration Meeting
21 Nov 2013
2868-v1 Update on slowmoncon status Glenn Horton-Smith Monitoring Systems
25 Sep 2013
2811-v2 Ideas about offline physics & data process monitoring Kazuhiro Terao Monitoring Systems
27 Aug 2013
2386-v2 EPICS naming conventions for MicroBooNE Glenn Horton-Smith Monitoring Systems
10 Apr 2013
1977-v2 EPICS database and displays Glenn Horton-Smith Monitoring Systems
DAQ & Online Systems Meeting
20 Feb 2013
2172-v1 Update on uBooNE DCS software packages available through UPS Gennadiy Lukhanin Monitoring Systems
29 Aug 2012
1524-v1 MicroBooNE DAQ and EPICS working together on Linux Glenn Horton-Smith Monitoring Systems
DAQ Software
DAQ & Online Systems Meeting
15 Jun 2011

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