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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6561-v4 Policy for Access to the MicroBooNE Data by External Researchers Leslie Camilleri et al. By-Laws
10 Oct 2019
25295-v1 MicroBooNE Code of Conduct Davio Cianci et al. uB Collaboration
03 Sep 2019
4904-v5 MicroBooNE In A Nutshell BT Fleming et al. uB Collaboration
10 Sep 2017
4280-v4 Image Processing Techniques applied to Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Data Jessica Esquivel About MicroBooNE
uB Collaboration
08 Apr 2015
3066-v3 December 2013 All Experimenter's Meeting Update Bryce R Littlejohn uB Collaboration
Installation - WBS 1.7
09 Dec 2013
4595-v1 VENu (MicroBooNE VR Platform) Alistair McLean uB Collaboration
Collaboration Meeting
29 Jul 2015
3537-v3 TSW (MOU) with the Computing Sector Stephen Wolbers uB Collaboration
28 Jul 2015
3814-v1 Collaboration photo from Oct 9, 2014 BT Fleming et al. uB Collaboration
10 Oct 2014
2701-v1 Lessons from ArgoNeuT (oscillation meeting) Ornella Palamara uB Collaboration
22 Jul 2013
2420-v1 Cryostat update Susan Duffin uB Collaboration
Cryostat - WBS 1.3
Collaboration Meeting
14 Mar 2013
2269-v1 The Laser calibration system for the MicroBooNE detector Christoph Rudolf von Rohr uB Collaboration
Laser Design
21 Feb 2013
184-v1 MicroBooNE PAC presentation, Fall 2008 BT Fleming About MicroBooNE
PAC Documents
04 Feb 2009
185-v1 MicroBooNE Proposal 10/15/07 and Addendum 3/3/08 MicroBooNE Collaboration Proposal Materials
PAC Documents
13 Nov 2008
5-v1 Presentations to the PAC BT Fleming PAC Documents
08 Oct 2008

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