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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
33164-v1 DNP Talk: First Measurement of Differential Charged Current Quasielastic-like numu-Argon Scattering Cross Sections Afroditi Papadopoulou Physics
22 Apr 2021
34870-v1 Final version W&C Exclusive Quasielastic-like numu-40Ar Interactions in MicroBooNE and Connections with Electron Scattering Afroditi Papadopoulou Physics
22 Apr 2021
412-v4 Catalogue of Liquid Argon properties Craig Thorn Argon Properties Refs
20 Oct 2020
22099-v7 [APS April 2019 Talk] Constraining Electron Neutrino Systematic Uncertainties with Muon Neutrino Events in MicroBooNE Lauren Yates Low-E Excess
Deep Learning
20 Mar 2020
22369-v1 NC gamma for MicroBooNE - Luis Alvarez Other Other Neutrino Interactions
Low-E Excess
18 Apr 2019
16353-v4 MiniBooNE talk at SLAC Georgia Karagiorgi Physics
07 Aug 2018
15914-v1 [Fermilab Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar] First nu+Ar Interaction Measurements From MicroBooNE Aleena Rafique et al. Neutrino Interactions
04 Jun 2018
10700-v2 LEE Analysis Using Deep Learning, TeVPA Practice Talk Jarrett Moon Low-E Excess
Deep Learning
23 Aug 2017
4791-v6 Studies of Cosmogenic Backgrounds to Nucleon Decay in MicroBooNE Elena Gramellini Physics
01 May 2017
4902-v6 MicroBooNE: An exploration of the properties of neutrinos, nucleons, and nuclei Stephen Pate Physics
About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
4962-v4 Exploring Nucleon Axial Structure at MicroBooNE Stephen Pate Physics
About MicroBooNE
27 Apr 2017
7411-v2 The MicroBooNE experiment Raquel Castillo Fernandez Physics
15 Mar 2017
5784-v13 Progress on Neutrino-Proton Neutral-Current Scattering in MicroBooNE Stephen Pate Neutrino Interactions
16 Jan 2017
6219-v3 Talk on Deep Learning in MicroBooNE. For TPC Software Workshop Taritree Wongjirad Deep Learning
28 Aug 2016
6090-v1 NuInt 2015 Proceedings Anne Schukraft Neutrino Interactions
15 Jul 2016
6082-v1 LArTPC Detector Response Calculations Using Boundary Element Method Brett Viren Wire Planes
Ionization & Drift
11 Jul 2016
6079-v1 First Result From MicroBooNE Matt Toups Physics
11 Jul 2016
199-v2 Space Charge in Ionization Detectors Kirk McDonald et al. Ionization & Drift
01 Jun 2016
5283-v1 Photon Emission in NC interactions - Luis Alvarez-Ruso Other Other Physics
28 Jan 2016
4696-v1 LED Flasher Waveform for public Kazuhiro Terao Physics
13 Aug 2015
3912-v1 Space Charge Effect at MicroBooNE Michael Mooney Analysis Tools WG Meeting
Ionization & Drift
20 Nov 2014
4503-v2 Comparison of Space Charge Calibration to Prediction Michael Mooney et al. Ionization & Drift
10 Jul 2015
3809-v2 Oscillation Group Update: October 2014 Georgia Karagiorgi et al. Low-E Excess
10 Oct 2014
3319-v3 Comparison of GENIE event generator with Garino (ep quasi-elastic) data Steve Dytman et al. Physics
21 Apr 2014
4160-v4 Nue Dirt Background Investigations Bryce R Littlejohn Low-E Excess
19 Mar 2015
4445-v2 The Fermilab Short-Baseline Neutrino Program Jonathan Asaadi Physics
08 Jun 2015
4269-v3 Public Plots from the SBN Physics Proposal MicroBooNE Collaboration Physics
Approved Plots
22 Apr 2015
4298-v1 Reweighing tool for Analysis in LArSoft Corey Adams Simulations
Neutrino Interactions
10 Apr 2015
4196-v3 SN Event Generator and Compression Connor Callahan Physics
R&D WG Meeting
Cosmics WG Meeting
13 Mar 2015
4159-v1 Cross Section Uncertainties Corey Adams Neutrino Interactions
Oscillations WG Meeting
26 Feb 2015
3835-v1 MiniBooNE vs. MINERvA part 1 Steve Dytman Physics Analysis WG Meeting
Neutrino Interactions
20 Oct 2014
3826-v1 Studies on Resolving Injected Sterile Neutrino Oscillation Signals by Observing Muon Neutrino Disappearance with the Short Baseline Neutrino Program Davio Cianci Physics
16 Oct 2014
3489-v1 nnbar oscillations in MicroBooNE Jennet Dickinson Physics
28 May 2014
3488-v2 nnbar oscillation in MicroBooNE Jennet Dickinson Physics
Collaboration Meeting
28 May 2014
3271-v1 Beam/Osc Status Update and First Results Status Georgia Karagiorgi et al. Collaboration Meeting
Low-E Excess
07 Mar 2014
2963-v2 Electron and Photon Backgrounds, Low Energy Event Rates Corey Adams Low-E Excess
30 Oct 2013
2759-v1 Thursday night talks - Low Energy Events Corey Adams Physics
09 Aug 2013
2752-v1 MuNu Disappearance Studies None Physics
Collaboration Meeting
08 Aug 2013
2604-v1 Neutrino university lecture series 2013 Jonathan Asaadi Neutrino University
About MicroBooNE
20 Jun 2013
2571-v1 MicroBooNE: Physics Overview and Detector Assembly *New Perspectives Ryan Grosso Physics
All Meetings List
About MicroBooNE
07 Jun 2013
2478-v1 APS General MicroBooNE talk Jennet Dickinson Physics
Presentations to Others
10 Apr 2013
2320-v2 Refining Sensitivity to Nue Events Jennet Dickinson Physics
09 Jan 2013
2213-v1 LAPPD for MicroBooNE R&D Jonathan Asaadi Physics
21 Sep 2012
2210-v1 e-like Background Studies Jennet Dickinson Physics
20 Sep 2012
2149-v1 Final States and Electron-like Bacgkround Jennet Dickinson Neutrino Interactions
15 Aug 2012
2140-v2 Electron-Like Background in MicroBooNE Jennet Dickinson Physics
09 Aug 2012
2138-v2 NuWro update Eric D Church Neutrino Interactions
09 Aug 2012
2124-v1 A New Event Display Analysis Tool for MicroBooNE Handscan Ellen Klein Physics
03 Aug 2012
2112-v1 EVD Analysis Tool for MicroBooNE Hand Scan Ellen Klein Physics
27 Jul 2012
2075-v1 MicroBooNE R&D Group Overview Jonathan Asaadi et al. Physics
Physics Analysis WG Meeting
13 Jul 2012
2046-v1 MicroBooNE xs task list Teppei Katori Physics
21 Jun 2012
2038-v1 Strange Quark Contribution to the Nucleon Spin from Electroweak Elastic Scattering Data Stephen Pate Physics
About MicroBooNE
03 Jun 2012
1985-v1 Pi+ production cross sections from HARP long targets Other Other Physics Analysis WG Meeting
Presentations to Others
20 Apr 2012
1884-v2 Nucleon Decay meeting talks Eric D Church Physics
Physics Analysis WG Meeting
02 Feb 2012
342-v3 Electron Drift Velocity in the microBooNE TPC Kirk McDonald Argon Properties Refs
TPC Detector - WBS 1.4
20 Mar 2009
1069-v1 Neutrino University VI: ArgoNeuT and MicroBooNE J Spitz Neutrino University
16 Aug 2010
1059-v1 Neutrino University GRE Prep Other Other Neutrino University
05 Aug 2010
1052-v1 Neutrino University VI: MINOS Other Other Neutrino University
03 Aug 2010
1050-v1 Neutrino University VII: Minerva Other Other Neutrino University
02 Aug 2010
1049-v1 Neutrino University V: MiniBooNE Other Other Neutrino University
02 Aug 2010
1024-v1 Coherent pion production Leslie Camilleri Neutrino Interactions
29 Jul 2010
991-v1 Neutrino University III: How Neutrinos Interact by Kevin McFarland Other Other Neutrino University
14 Jul 2010
990-v1 Neutrino University II: Beams and Sources (Debbie Harris) Other Other Neutrino University
14 Jul 2010
977-v1 II: Neutrino Beams and Sources Other Other Neutrino University
01 Jul 2010
953-v1 I: Neutrino history 1927 - 1987 Other Other Neutrino University
23 Jun 2010
946-v1 Poster for Neutrino 2010 Vassili Papavassiliou Physics
About MicroBooNE
PM Detector - WBS 1.8
TPC Detector - WBS 1.4
07 Jun 2010
810-v1 Ar39 Decays and Background Rates on Long Wires Kirk McDonald Physics
02 Feb 2010
808-v1 Strategies for Liquid Argon Detectors at DUSEL Kirk McDonald Physics
TPC Detector - WBS 1.4
02 Feb 2010
557-v2 NuINT09 Proceedings M Soderberg Physics
About MicroBooNE
09 Sep 2009
523-v1 Investigating hints of CPT violation with sterile neutrinos Guest Speaker Collaboration Meeting
07 Aug 2009
489-v1 Nue Cross-section and nue disappearance as MicroBooNE analysis topics Zelimir Djurcic Physics
09 Jul 2009
417-v1 Multivariate Event Identification - Andrea Albert Bruce Baller Neutrino Interactions
07 May 2009
289-v2 Diffusion of electrons in liquid argon Craig Thorn Argon Properties Refs
Collaboration Meeting
23 Jan 2009
262-v1 Low E Physics at uBooNE Georgia Karagiorgi et al. Physics Analysis WG Meeting
Low-E Excess
09 Jan 2009
19-v1 Nuclear levels in 40Ar Other Other Argon Properties Refs
08 Aug 2008

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