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Kazuhiro Terao of Columbia University is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4696-v1 LED Flasher Waveform for public Kazuhiro Terao Physics
13 Aug 2015
3955-v2 IIT Workshop: Useful Information and Organization Wes Ketchum et al. About MicroBooNE
12 Dec 2014
3770-v1 Update on pi0 from mini retreat Ariana Hackenburg Analysis Tools WG Meeting
02 Oct 2014
2872-v2 Updates from Simulation Tool Group Kazuhiro Terao Triggers
26 Sep 2013
2867-v1 Misc. Bo Data Analysis Kazuhiro Terao PM Readout
24 Sep 2013
2811-v2 Ideas about offline physics & data process monitoring Kazuhiro Terao Monitoring Systems
27 Aug 2013
2738-v2 Report from Simulation Group Kazuhiro Terao Light
PM Readout
08 Aug 2013
2722-v1 Brief Analysis on Pulser Data @ PAB Kazuhiro Terao PM Readout
05 Aug 2013
2605-v1 PMT Readout Electronics Sim Update William Seligman et al. Detectors
17 Jun 2013

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