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Corey Adams of Yale University is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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MicroBooNE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
11372-v1 3D Rotating Render of Uboone Numu Event Corey Adams Event Display
15 Sep 2017
4658-v1 MicroBooNE First Images Corey Adams et al. Approved Plots
08 Sep 2015
4533-v1 Shower Reconstruction Corey Adams Reconstruction
14 Jul 2015
3510-v1 "Electron Neutrino Appearance with the Ferimlab Short Baseline Program" poster plots Corey Adams Obsolete Plots
01 Jun 2015
4298-v1 Reweighing tool for Analysis in LArSoft Corey Adams Neutrino Interactions
10 Apr 2015
4159-v1 Cross Section Uncertainties Corey Adams Oscillations WG Meeting
Neutrino Interactions
26 Feb 2015
3863-v1 SBN Oscillations Corey Adams et al. Oscillations WG Meeting
03 Nov 2014
2876-v3 Topology Rates in Uboone from GENIE Corey Adams Cross Sections WG Meeting
30 Sep 2014
3692-v3 Nue Appearance with Cosmics Corey Adams Oscillations WG Meeting
27 Aug 2014
3483-v2 Plots Approval Talk Corey Adams Plots under Review
29 May 2014
3472-v1 Electron Neutrino Appearance with the Fermilab Short Baseline Program Corey Adams Posters
Plots under Review
About MicroBooNE
Other LAr Exp
27 May 2014
3279-v2 Track/Shower Separation Corey Adams Reconstruction
13 Mar 2014
3225-v1 SSH Key Pair Information Corey Adams LAr Software
27 Feb 2014
2963-v2 Electron and Photon Backgrounds, Low Energy Event Rates Corey Adams Low-E Excess
30 Oct 2013
2759-v1 Thursday night talks - Low Energy Events Corey Adams Physics
09 Aug 2013
2122-v1 Wire Winding at Yale Corey Adams All Meetings List
03 Aug 2012

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