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Final CRT Side Panel Installation Review Comments

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Andy Stefanik
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Joseph Zennamo
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05 Aug 2016, 16:48
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08 Aug 2016, 09:50
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08 Aug 2016, 12:15
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This Review started on August 3, 2016 with receipt of the installation procedure. We need to make sure only one person edits the comment spreadsheet at a time. We will control this by employing an honorary check-in/out system. We can always fix things if multiple people edit the spreadsheet at the same time. If this scheme does not work good, we can move the comment spreadsheet into SharePoint which automatically controls check in/out.
If you get the comment spreadsheet to edit it, please change the Note to: "The comment spreadsheet is CHECKED-OUT by <name>." Remember to flip the note back to "The comment spreadsheet is CHECKED_IN" when you submit the updated document.

We can also use the following Google Spreadsheet which allows for real-time collaborative editing:


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