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calibration pulse for poster

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David Caratelli
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David Caratelli
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22 May 2014, 22:03
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27 May 2014, 11:57
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29 May 2015, 16:44
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DocDB to request approval to show a waveform of data taken during a calibration run performed while testing the TPC electronics before end-cap welding.

See DocDB 2883 for the policy on plot approval.

Caption for figure:
"Image of a 50 microsecond waveform recorded during a calibration test of the MicroBooNE Time Projection Chamber electronics"

Addressing item 3 of the "Prerequisites for DR Review":
- this specific waveform has not been discussed at a meeting, but the testing procedures and results of the electronics tests performed during May 2014 have been discussed at several DAQ meetings. Similar pulses acquired through the same test have been previously shown (see DocDB 2697)

Addressing item 1 on the "Prerequisites for DR Review":
- The testing procedure used to produce the waveform under consideration is explained in DocDB 2403

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Pulse image changed - used pulse from different run

Made publicly viewable since it is now public.

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Presented at Neutrino 2014 on June 6th, 2014 in Boston, MA.
"Readout Electronics for the Time Projection Chamber in the Microboone Experiment", David Caratelli, Columbia University, NY.
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