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10610-v3 Flavour Physics 2017 Talk David Lorca Galindo About MicroBooNE
28 Aug 2017
9629-v4 EPS 2017 MicroBooNE Talk Martin Auger About MicroBooNE
07 Jul 2017
8376-v4 Neutrino interactions in MicroBooNE - Moriond EW Proceedings Marco Del Tutto About MicroBooNE
18 May 2017
1144-v1 Optical Systems for MicroBooNE (Practice talk for DNP) Benjamin J.P. Jones Shielding
HV, Cable, FT, Splitter
About MicroBooNE
WLS Coating
01 May 2017
1454-v1 April APS practice talk Arati Prakash About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
1606-v3 NuFact11 Practice Talk and EPS poster Benjamin J.P. Jones About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
1703-v2 MicroBooNE talk for TAUP2011 Georgia Karagiorgi About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
4074-v4 MicroBooNE @ WINP Jyoti Joshi About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
4413-v6 2015 Users' Meeting Tia M Miceli About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
4641-v2 DPF: Space Charge Effects at MicroBooNE Michael Mooney About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
4623-v2 DPF: Signal Processing in the MicroBooNE LArTPC Jyoti Joshi About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
4902-v6 MicroBooNE: An exploration of the properties of neutrinos, nucleons, and nuclei Stephen Pate Physics
About MicroBooNE
01 May 2017
4962-v4 Exploring Nucleon Axial Structure at MicroBooNE Stephen Pate Physics
About MicroBooNE
27 Apr 2017
4974-v2 Trigger and charge readout of liquid argon TPC from MeV to multi-GeV Yun-Tse Tsai DAQ & Monitoring - WBS 1.9
About MicroBooNE
Electronics & Readout - WBS 1.5
27 Apr 2017
4975-v3 MicroBooNE Talk for NNN Ben Carls About MicroBooNE
27 Apr 2017
7144-v2 LLWI2017_MicroBooNE Eric D Church About MicroBooNE
28 Feb 2017
6927-v1 Tour guide guide Andrew Furmanski About MicroBooNE
12 Jan 2017
6810-v3 MicroBooNE Cross Section Yun-Tse Tsai About MicroBooNE
03 Jan 2017
4743-v3 MicroBooNE Light Collection System (Talk for LIDINE 2015) Taritree Wongjirad PM Detector - WBS 1.8
About MicroBooNE
05 Sep 2015
4280-v4 Image Processing Techniques applied to Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Data Jessica Esquivel uB Collaboration
About MicroBooNE
08 Apr 2015
3955-v2 IIT Workshop: Useful Information and Organization Wes Ketchum et al. About MicroBooNE
12 Dec 2014
4525-v2 Talk on MicroBooNE and DUNE at INFO15 Georgia Karagiorgi About MicroBooNE
20 Jul 2015
4388-v1 CoSSURF Baryon Number Violation Observation in Liquid Argon Detectors Eric D Church Other LAr Exp
About MicroBooNE
19 May 2015
3472-v1 Electron Neutrino Appearance with the Fermilab Short Baseline Program Corey Adams Other LAr Exp
Plots under Review
About MicroBooNE
27 May 2014
3404-v1 Varistor Snubber Details Dave Huffman About MicroBooNE
23 Apr 2014
3345-v1 MicroBooNE APS Talk Ryan Grosso About MicroBooNE
01 Apr 2014
2857-v1 Slides for DOE OMB Briefing BT Fleming About MicroBooNE
17 Sep 2013
2828-v3 The MicroBooNE and ArgoNeuT Experiments (TAUP2013) Jonathan Asaadi About MicroBooNE
12 Sep 2013
2815-v1 Strangeness Vector and Axial-­Vector Form Factors of the Nucleon Stephen Pate Cross Sections WG Meeting
About MicroBooNE
28 Aug 2013
2814-v1 Strangeness Vector and Axial-­Vector Form Factors of the Nucleon Stephen Pate Cross Sections WG Meeting
About MicroBooNE
28 Aug 2013
2713-v1 Graduate Student Summer Talk: NC Pion Production Ryan Grosso About MicroBooNE
27 Jul 2013
2604-v1 Neutrino university lecture series 2013 Jonathan Asaadi About MicroBooNE
Neutrino University
20 Jun 2013
2571-v1 MicroBooNE: Physics Overview and Detector Assembly *New Perspectives Ryan Grosso Physics
All Meetings List
About MicroBooNE
07 Jun 2013
2223-v2 NNN2012: MicroBooNE Status And Plans Eric D Church About MicroBooNE
03 Oct 2012
2129-v1 EQUIPMENT & ENCLOSURE SCREEN SHOTS Justin L Tillman Vessel
Presentations to Others
Purification Filters
Cryogenics - WBS 1.2
Building Layout
Other LAr Systems
Installation at LArTF
Racks & Cabling
Purity Monitors
About MicroBooNE
Circulation & Filling
03 Oct 2012
2151-v1 MicroBooNE Project Status G Rameika About MicroBooNE
18 Aug 2012
2053-v1 ICHEP 2012 M Soderberg About MicroBooNE
02 Jul 2012
2041-v1 MicroBooNE Status Jen Raaf About MicroBooNE
13 Jun 2012
2038-v1 Strange Quark Contribution to the Nucleon Spin from Electroweak Elastic Scattering Data Stephen Pate Physics
About MicroBooNE
03 Jun 2012
1761-v3 MicroBooNE Status and Future Plans - NNN11 G Rameika About MicroBooNE
05 Nov 2011
1738-v2 Soderberg talk at Neutrino Factory design meeting in Arlington, VA M Soderberg About MicroBooNE
18 Oct 2011
1679-v1 DPF2011 practice talk Christina Ignarra About MicroBooNE
08 Aug 2011
1088-v1 Talk at GLA2010 BT Fleming About LAr Program
Other LAr Exp
About MicroBooNE
30 Aug 2010
946-v1 Poster for Neutrino 2010 Vassili Papavassiliou PM Detector - WBS 1.8
TPC Detector - WBS 1.4
About MicroBooNE
07 Jun 2010
557-v2 NuINT09 Proceedings M Soderberg Physics
About MicroBooNE
09 Sep 2009
184-v1 MicroBooNE PAC presentation, Fall 2008 BT Fleming PAC Documents
About MicroBooNE
04 Feb 2009
186-v1 ProjectX MicroBooNE poster J Spitz About MicroBooNE
06 Nov 2008
70-v1 The MicroBooNE Proposal M Soderberg About MicroBooNE
09 Oct 2008
23-v2 Orsay LArTPC Seminar M Soderberg About MicroBooNE
18 Sep 2008

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